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PTAC Unit - Amana PTH Series 42" 265v Air Conditioner With Integral Heat Pump and 3.5 kW Resistive Heat


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The Amana PTH Series offers some of the most powerful and energy-efficient PTAC Units on the market. Available in Capacilties ranging from 7,000 to 15,000 BTU, these PTACs can quickly cool or heat larger guest rooms and corridors, while available DigiSmart Power Management will keep your electricity costs at a minimum. The Amana PTH series includes an integral Heat Pump, allowing for efficient heating of the room during cold winter months, at a fraction of the cost of resistive electric heat.

PTH Series PTACs feature Amana's exclusive Quiet Comfort Technology. By including innovative features like dual-independant fan control and accoustically engineered materials, Amana Quiet Comfort equipped PTACS reduce interior noise to a whisper, while maintaining optimal air-flow and comfort.


The Amana PTH series of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners also integrates seamlessly with Amana's DigiSmart intelligent thermostats and room-occupancy sensors, to further reduce maintenance and increase operational efficiency. Call or Email us today, to learn how you can easily control the operation of every PTAC unit in your operation from your front-desk, or corporate offices. By automatically reducing the PTAC's output when any room is unoccupied for a specified time-period, you can drastically reduce your facility's overall heating and cooling costs, with no employee intervention needed.


Amana is one of America's most trusted names in heating and cooling. For over 35 years, Amana has been designing and assembling their Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners in the United States, from the highest quality materials available. Every Amana PTAC Unit is protected by a 1 Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty, plus a 5 Year Limited Warranty on all Parts. When you buy an Amana PTAC from, you know you're getting incredible quality and customer support, when and where you need it!


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